Why Sterling Pipe and Tube are Industry Leading Suppliers of High-Quality Steel Tubing

Providing customers all over north America with high quality steel pipe and tube, Sterling Pipe and Tube is an industry leading manufacturer of steel tubing. Able to produce steel tubing in a variety of shapes to fit almost any material transportation application, Sterling Pipe and Tube has served many different industries with its services in milling high quality electric welded steel products. If you need specialized tubing for any application, you can count on Sterling Pipe and Tube to supply you with the products that meet your applications’ needs.

Quality Products That Exceed Expectations

Producing steel tubing in a square, rectangular, and round forms isn’t the limits Sterling Pipe & Tube’s steel tubing mill’s capabilities. Able to mill tubing with bends to meet your application’s needs, Sterling Pipe and Tube can provide you with specialized products that don’t sacrifice quality for function. An ISO 9001 certified company, Sterling Pipe and Tube makes an ongoing effort to improve its milling process so that they can bring customers the best electric welded steel tube and pipe products possible. Able to produce tubing with different finishes at ASTM-A500, ASTM-A513, and ASTM-A787 specifications, when you get custom tubing from Sterling Pipe and Tube you can be sure that you’re getting some of the industry’s best steel tubing products.

Serving a Wide Variety of Industries with Specialized solutions

With the ability to produce specialized tubing for a variety of applications, Sterling Pipe & tube has served as a reliable supplier of quality steel tubing solutions to a wide variety of industries. Serving customers in the agricultural, automotive, appliance, material handling, solar, and HVAC industries, as well as many others, Sterling Pipe and Tube is widely trusted as a versatile supplier of electric welded steel products.

Meeting Your Needs with Speed and Efficiency

With five high frequency mills, Sterling Pipe and Tube can produce custom tubing and pipe with high-speed efficiency. With a highly flexible milling process, you can rest assured knowing that your order will be filled with expediency, bringing you the high-quality steel tubing solution your application needs fast.
An industry leading manufacturer of steel tube and pipe, serving companies in the United States, Canada, and Mexico with quality solutions since 1987, when you choose Sterling Pipe and Tube, you’re choosing a reliable supplier of high-quality steel tube products. Request a quote today to find the steel tubing solution for your business’s need or contact us to learn more about the high-quality tubing and milling capabilities that Sterling Pipe and Tube has to offer.