Why Choose Steel Tube From a Manufacturer With an ISO 9001 Certification?

When choosing a manufacturer for your steel tube needs, it is best to look for a supplier that is always pushing to create tubes that meet and exceed the quality requirements of customers, and their industries. One of the most effective ways to ensure that you are choosing a company that can provide you with steel tube products that push the boundaries of quality, is to choose a supplier that has an ISO 9001 certification. Always working to make sure that the quality of our electric welded steel tube and pipe products are of the highest quality, you can count on Sterling Pipe & Tube to provide your business with high quality steel tube products.

Manufacturing Your Products to Meet Your Deadlines

When you choose an ISO 9001 certified company as your supplier for steel tubing, you can rely on them to deliver the highest quality steel tubing possible. With five high frequency steel tubing mills that help to produce your orders of round, square, and rectangular steel tube fast, you count on Sterling Pipe & Tube to fill your orders fast. Adhering to strict deadlines in order to ensure that your industrial applications are not interrupted, you can rely on them to ensure that your order of high-quality tubing reaches you when you need it.

Commitment to Quality

Not only can you rely on Sterling Pipe & Tube to meet your applications needs with speed and reliability, but you can also count on them to provide you with tubing that has proven quality. Our ISO 9001 Certification means that we are making a continuous effort to produce high quality steel tubing for any application. No matter what shape, size, or custom bend is applied to your order of tubing, Sterling Pipe & Tube will work to ensure that the steel products you receive are free from defects.

Working to build strong relationships with our customers, we at Sterling Pipe & Tube are dedicated to supplying industries with a reliable supply of high-quality steel pipe and tube products. Supplying industries with quality pipe and tubing for over 35 years, when you choose us as your manufacturer and supplier of electric welded steel tube, you can count on us to deliver. Request a quote today to find the steel tubing solution your application needs, or contact us to learn more about our commitment to manufacturing quality steel pipe and tube products.