Standard Applications and Uses for our High Quality Steel Tubing

Monday, July 24, 2017

Because of its resistance to both corrosion and high temperatures, steel tubing is used in many industries where longevity and resilience are critical. As we talked about in our previous post, the solar industry depends on steel tubes because they know that they can withstand the test of time. Today, we’re going to look at a few of the other common industries that require – or benefit from – the use of steel tubing.

The construction industry

It’s fairly common to see square steel tubing used as a railing along a staircase. However, it is often used in other, less obvious ways. From plumbers taking advantage of steel’s ability to resist rust and corrosion to interior designers who are attracted to the industrial chic aesthetic that square steel tubes create, a wide variety of applications in the construction industry are solved by steel.

Industrial uses

In industrial applications, round steel tubing is often used to transport liquid or gaseous material from one area of a facility to another. Because of steel’s ability to resist caustic materials, it affords most facilities a lifetime of dedicated, dependable service. In addition to this resistance, steel can be used to bolster both permanent and temporary structures within the facility.

Medical applications

Whether it is round, square or rectangular steel tubing, steel is the material of choice for the medical industry. Protective railings, surgical tools, orthopedics and braces… the applications are nearly endless. In fact, not only does steel tubing often provide the support structure within a medical facility, many of that facility’s instrumentation, equipment and technology is built upon a framework of steel tubing.

At Sterling Pipe & Tube, we’ve supplied these industries – and more – with steel pipes and tubing since 1987. Our catalog is filled with high quality products that are certain to meet even the most demanding requirements. If you’re looking to form a solid relationship with the dedicated employees of a company determined to provide the highest quality steel tubing available, contact us today.