Round Steel Tubing

Learn More About the Capabilities of the Team at Sterling Pipe & Tube

Monday, September 25, 2017

When you’re looking at a new supplier for your company’s rectangular, round and square steel tubing, it helps to have a full view of that supplier’s capabilities. Will they be able to meet the specifications that you have defined? Do they utilize a grade of steel for their tubing that will endure the rigors of your applications? Are they able to provide tubing in a range of finishes? These questions – and others – are an important to consider when you are investigating the capabilities of your new supplier. In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at what Sterling Pipe & Tube can do for you and, more importantly, why we’re the best choice when it comes to sourcing the square, rectangular and round steel tubing that your company needs.


The tubing produced by Sterling Pipe & Tube is crafted to the highest, most stringent specifications possible. Adhering to ASTM – A500, ASTM – A513 and ASTM – A787 specifications, we also have the ability to produce tubing that meets your specific requirements and needs.


Capable of manufacturing tubing in a range of finishes, our team can produce tubing with hot-rolled black, A.K.D.Q aluminized, hot-dipped galvanized and more finishes. In addition to this, we will work with you to understand your needs and, if necessary, apply the exact finish that you need, regardless of whether we currently offer it.


Producing tubing in an assortment of grades, we offer the industry’s highest quality round steel tubing. Offering commercial quality, A.K.D.Q., low carbon, high carbon and high strength steel, we can provide you with the exact tubing that you need, no matter your application.

At Sterling Pipe & Tube, we strive to provide the industry with the best round, rectangular and square steel tubing available. Working closely with our clients, we aim to make selection – and quality assurance – a breeze. If you’ve been looking for a supplier that has the capability to supply all of the tubing that your operation needs, contact us today to discuss how we can help.