Meet your Industry’s Specific Needs with High quality Pipe and Tubing

With over 35 years of experience, Sterling Pipe & Tube has been a leading manufacturer of square, rectangular and round steel tubing and pipe throughout North America. Serving a number of companies in the United States, Canada and Mexico, Sterling Pipe & Tube is the industry’s go to steel tubing supplier. Dedicated to providing high quality electric welded steel products, Sterling Pipe & Tube is ready to deliver the steel pipes and tubes that your business needs.

The highest quality products possible

When you choose to source your steel tubing supply from Sterling Pipe & Tube, you are choosing a steel tube manufacturer of high quality electric welded steel products. With an ISO 9001 certification, Sterling Pipe & Tube will meet and exceed the quality standards of its industry. Continually working to improve our process, we are dedicated to maintaining a high level of quality in the manufacturing of our round, square, and rectangular steel tubing. No matter what type of steel, no matter what gauge, length, or other specifications, Sterling Pipe & Tube will deliver the products that meet your quality expectations.

A provider with the Experience to Provide Pipe and Tubing for a Large variety of Businesses

Sterling Pipe & Tube offers a wide variety of steel tubing products and has manufactured tubes and pipes for a number of industries including automotive, appliance, HVAC, solar energy, construction, fitness, agriculture and more. With five high frequency steel tube mills that give our production schedule a high degree of flexibility, Sterling Pipe & Tube is capable of filing orders of pipe and tubing of any length, gauge, and finish.

No matter what your industry’s needs are, even if your job requires custom tubing to meet a specific need, you can count on Sterling Pipe & Tube’s highly trained and experienced staff help you find the steel tubing solution you need for your businesses, and to deliver the custom tubing for your application with speed and efficiency.

Serving a wide variety of industries and dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality steel pipe and tubing products in the industry, when you request a quote, Sterling Pipe & Tube is ready to help you find the steel pipe or tube that best suits your business’s applications. Contact us today for more information about the steel pipe and steel tube products that Sterling Pipe & Tube offers.