Steel Tubes and Their Use in Construction Projects

In addition to many other applications, steel tubes are used for numerous construction projects, from the structures being built to the actual tools needed to complete the jobs. In addition to being sturdy and durable, steel tubes are also customizable, which makes it easier to use them in such a variety of applications.

When it comes to construction projects, steel tubes are used in many building types from small storage units to skyscrapers in big cities. For example, they are used to create the foundation of large buildings as well as other framework. Steel tubes are also used to construct balconies along with railing for staircases. As for their function with tools used for such projects, steel tubes can be seen in the scaffolding workers rely on to reach tall points of buildings. These are just a couple instances where steel tubes come in handy.

A more specific application in construction is the use of steel tube piles. This is a method used for creating a more sturdy foundation and would be used in a situation where the location of the structure being built is unstable or the load that will be supported is heavy. This type of foundation ranges in thickness from six inches to eight feet. That being said, placing a steel tube pile will greatly strengthen any foundation. This type of foundation is used in both residential and non-residential construction as well as the construction of bridges, docks, roads and railways.

Someone uninformed about the uses of steel tubes may have a view of a steel tube as just being a long, hollow rod. While in some cases this is true, steel tubes are also manufactured in different ways. They are made into different shapes, including round, square or rectangular steel tubes. They are also manufactured in different lengths and thicknesses depending on what their use will be for. In addition to steel tubes, other steel products used in construction might be steel bars or plates. These materials are not always a straight bar either; they can be bent for example. Or, think of railroad tracks, which are also made from steel.

Steel tubes and other products are so commonly used there are businesses dedicated completely to manufacturing them. Sterling Pipe & Tube Inc. is a steel tube manufacturer in Toledo, Ohio. In addition to serving the construction industry, this company also manufactures steel tubes for use in several other industries including material handling, automotive, heating, air conditioning and refrigeration, agriculture and more. This steel tube mill has been in business since 1987 and serves the United States, Canada and Mexico.