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What’s the right steel tube for the right application? Let a laboratory metallurgist tell you

Determining the right size and shape of a steel tube for a manufacturing application takes detailed analysis. The shape and size of the tube, and the width of the tube walls, affect the ability of the tube to handle loads and stress.

For instance, comparing a square tube to a round tube with walls of equal thickness, and the width of the square tube’s side equal to the diameter of the round tube, the square tube is generally stronger. But that’s not the whole story. The square tube is strongest when the force of any load is directed against one if its flat sides. It is weakest when the force is directed at one of the corners. A round tube is able to withstand equal side forces from any direction. The square tube is also heavier because it uses more material.

Steel Tubes and Their Use in Construction Projects

In addition to many other applications, steel tubes are used for numerous construction projects, from the structures being built to the actual tools needed to complete the jobs. In addition to being sturdy and durable, steel tubes are also customizable, which makes it easier to use them in such a variety of applications.