Get Reliable Steel Tube Solutions Fast With Help From a Dependable Manufacturer

From construction and automotive parts to solar energy and agriculture, steel tubing is a resource that is used in a wide range of applications. If you are looking for a supply of steel tubes to meet your application’s needs, you want to make sure that you are sourcing your steel tube products from a manufacturer you can depend on. When you are looking for a steel tube manufacturer that can get you the steel tube products your business needs when you need them, you can count on Sterling Pipe & Tube. Dedicated to manufacturing high quality electric welded steel products that meet and exceed customer expectations with high-speed efficiency, here’s why you can rely on Sterling Pipe & Tube as your steel tube supplier.

High Speed Steel Tube Manufacturing Capabilities

One of the largest manufacturers of round, square, and rectangular steel tube in the united states, Sterling Pipe & Tube works to provide customers throughout North America with the steel tubing solutions they need with speed and efficiency. With five high speed steel tubing mills running on three production shifts throughout the day providing a greater degree of flexibility, the team of engineers at Sterling Pipe & Tube are ready to manufacture the steel tube products that meet your specifications fast.

A Steel Tube Manufacturer Dedicated to Providing High Quality Products

When you choose Sterling Pipe & Tube as your steel tube manufacturer, you can trust that you are choosing a supplier that will work to ensure that your steel tube products meet and exceed your expectations. With an ISO 9001 certification Sterling Pipe & Tube is recognized as a manufacturer that is dedicated to providing some of the best electric welded steel tube products possible. Constantly working to improve their manufacturing process, and shortening delivery times, Sterling pipe and tool has proven its dependability as a manufacturer and provider of high-quality steel tube products.

Ready to provide the high-quality steel tube solutions that meet your business’s specifications, when you are looking for a steel tube manufacturer that you can rely on, look no further than Sterling Pipe & Tube. Request a quote to find the steel tubing solutions that are right for your business or contact us today to learn more about Sterling Pipe & Tubes capabilities and dedication to quality.